Bubblanche is a revolutionary new game that breaks the boundaries of traditional puzzle games to create a brand-new experience that is more fluid and addicting than any other before. Imagine never again being stuck staring at a screen looking for 3 objects to match together, or hopelessly waiting for the “I” piece to drop. In Bubblanche, you simply pick a color and swipe as many connected bubbles of that color as you can. You get more points the purer and more complete your selection is, but lose points for bad swipes! It's super easy to just jump in and play, but difficult to master! You can save your high-scores online and brag to your friends.
Welcome to Bubblanche!
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• In Classic mode, you must clear the screen from the ever-falling bubbles. An irremovable ball is added to the screen for every negative point you get; once the bubbles reach the top of the screen, you lose! Clear through waves and waves of bubbles that fall faster and faster...and faster!
• In Timed mode, you are presented with a screen that’s already filled to the brim with bubbles. When you have cleared as much of the screen as you want, simply shake your device to get a new wave of bubbles to drop. But be quick! You only have 3 minutes to get as many points as you can!
• The zen No-Limit mode is there to practice and perfect your swiping mastery, or simply enjoy the beautiful bubble physics.

• Intuitive controls
• Fluid, original gameplay concept
• A fun physics engine
• 3 different modes for endless bubble fun
• Gorgeous colorful artwork
• Catchy soundtrack
• Scoreloop online scorekeeping, allowing you to keep the same profile across multiple devices
There are 3 different modes for you to enjoy:
Support e-mail: bubblanche.support@kolograph.com
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Original Idea and Game Design by: Ivan Evsyukov
Programming by: Ivan and Sergey Evsyukov
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